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In everyday English, we use the words money and currency interchangeably. A growing movement of people around the world are reclaiming the word “currency” for something much broader than money alone.

Money is one type of currency, but currencies can take many forms- frequent flier miles, college degrees/grades/credits, five-star ratings, certifications, bus passes, votes, eBay ratings, sports scores, coupons, buy-9-get-10th-cup-of-coffee-free cards, gift certificates, and Olympic medals.

Simply put, currencies are information systems that help us shape, enable and measure the movement in our lives. The digital revolution has made it increasingly easy to create new forms of currency to better suit our needs.Discover some of the fascinating currency innovation work happening around the world:

A sample currency system-map:

The MetaCurreny Project: an initiative to create underlying technology protocols to enable widespread currency innovation.

Emergent By Design: the blog of Venessa Miemis

Symbionomics: Patterns of the New Economy

Arthur Brock

Bernard Lietaer

Thomas Greco

The Money Fix: a feature-length documentary about the nature of money and the possibility of new currencies

Money and Life Movie by Katie Teague

The Targeted Currencies Network: designing specific currencies for specific contexts

New Currency Frontiers: musings on the next edge of currency design

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